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Turtle Tots

Join us for an unforgettable adventure at Turtle Tots swim class!


Designed specifically for children aged 6 months to 3 years old, this parent and child class offers a safe and nurturing environment for your little ones to become water enthusiasts. Our expert instructors are dedicated to helping your child develop a love for the water while gradually building their confidence and skills.


Through playful activities, gentle techniques, and interactive games, we aim to acclimate your child to the water, ensuring they feel comfortable and secure.


As your experience progresses, your little turtle tot will grow in independence, gaining the necessary skills to eventually navigate the water with confidence. So dive into the fun-filled world of Turtle Tots swim class and watch your child's water journey begin!

6 months - 3 year old swim lessons new providence
turtle tots swim lessons in new providence

6 month -
3 years old

Babies & Toddlers Swim Lessons Useful Info

Here at The Reef Swim School we offer perpetual weekly lessons. 

When you enroll your child you are signing up for the same day and time every week, but do not worry we know life can get busy.

You are able to switch that class time for the future one time per month!  

Each student receives up to 10 free makeups per year as well so if you are not able to make it you will have the option to let us know you are not coming and reschedule on the app!


Each class is 30 mins long and we keep class sizes small to maximize your child’s time with the instructor. 

Turtle Tots 5:1 ratio

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