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Seahorse Sprinters

Our Seahorse Sprinters group swim lessons offer a range of levels to accommodate children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old.

In the beginner Seahorse class, we focus on water acclimation, specifically designed for students who may feel fearful or hesitant about the water or putting their face in. Our patient and supportive instructors create a nurturing environment to help these young swimmers gain confidence and overcome their fears.


For students who are ready to dive deeper into water safety and swim stroke progression, our regular Level 1 through 4 classes provide structured lessons that focus on building foundational skills. From learning basic strokes to understanding water safety practices, our Seahorse Sprinters group swim lessons ensure that each child progresses at their own pace while having a fantastic time in the water.

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Swim Lessons Levels

Beginner Seahorse


This class focuses on helping beginners adjust to the water with activities like face submersion, back floating with assistance, and toys to make it fun! 


Seahorse 1 


Students in this class will master unassisted front and back floats, front crawl, and more. They will also learn how to control their breath underwater and develop basic endurance skills.


Seahorse 2


In this class, students will be introduced to the dolphin dive start and start developing their basic freestyle. The class also covers backstroke techniques.


Seahorse 3


This class is designed for students who are already proficient in freestyle and are looking to improve their form. They will learn side breathing and correct arm movements. The class also covers overwater streamline and endurance skills.


Seahorse 4


This class continues the progression with an underwater push-off, and a more flushed-out backstroke while adding breaststroke kick, and endurance of 3 lengths of the pool without stopping.

Useful Information

Here at The Reef Swim School we offer perpetual weekly lessons. 

When you enroll your child you are signing up for the same day and time every week, but do not worry we know life can get busy.

You are able to switch that class time for the future one time per month!  

Each student receives up to 10 free makeups per year as well so if you are not able to make it you will have the option to let us know you are not coming and reschedule on the app!


Each class is 30 mins long and we keep class sizes small to maximize your child’s time with the instructor. 

Seahorse 3:1 ratio

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