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Dolphin Dashers

Our Dolphin Dashers group swim lessons category is specifically designed for children aged 6 to 12 years old, offering an exciting and comprehensive summer swimming program.


Just like our Seahorse category, Dolphin Dashers also includes a beginner class that focuses on water comfort and acclimation before progressing to the first level of the dolphin program. Each level of the Dolphin Dashers program builds upon the skills learned in the previous level, offering more refined techniques and advanced swimming exercises. From stroke refinement to water safety techniques, our experienced instructors guide our young dolphins through a structured curriculum, ensuring a safe and enjoyable swimming experience while fostering a love for the water. With a focus on both skill development and water safety, our Dolphin Dashers group swim lessons provide children with the tools and confidence to become strong, confident swimmers.

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Swim Lessons Levels

Beginner Dolphin

This class helps students build their water confidence by teaching them how to float unassisted, control their breath, and do a rocketship push-off. They will also learn basic front crawl movements.


Dolphin 1

In this class, students will learn side breathing, beginner freestyle, back kicks, and endurance skills.


Dolphin 2

Students in this class will improve their freestyle skills and learn beginner backstroke movements. They will also work on endurance skills and breathing techniques.


Dolphin 3

This class covers advanced skills like underwater push-off, a more skilled backstroke, beginner breaststroke, and endurance skills for longer distances.


Dolphin 4 


This advanced class covers skills like underwater streamline, legal breaststroke, proficient butterfly kick, and endurance skills for even longer distances. Students will also be able to swim at least 5 laps without stopping.

Useful Information

Here at The Reef Swim School we offer perpetual weekly lessons. 

When you enroll your child you are signing up for the same day and time every week, but do not worry we know life can get busy.

You are able to switch that class time for the future one time per month!  

Each student receives up to 10 free makeups per year as well so if you are not able to make it you will have the option to let us know you are not coming and reschedule on the app!


Each class is 30 mins long and we keep class sizes small to maximize your child’s time with the instructor. 

Dolphin 4:1 ratio

Upper level dolphin class (dolphin 4) 5:1*


* we make this class a little bigger so your child is able to properly practice circle swimming to be ready for our pre team after graduation! 

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